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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Big Ol' FAQ for LEAF


We hope these will help answer some of your questions. At any time, please feel free to contact Ravenna-Eckstein CC at 684-7534 or e-mail us at trevor.gregg@seattle.gov or

Can my child participate in LEAF if he/she is enrolled in Kid’s Time?
Why of course! As long as there is space available in the pro-gram, all children are welcome to participate in a LEAF class. Most classes run for one hour during the LEAF day. (3:35—5:35). For those families enrolled full-time in Kids Time, they can pay an additional $15/day/month to attend one of the LEAF classes. For part-time enrolled families, they may attend a LEAF class at $15/day/month on those days they are enrolled in Kids Time. If the class falls on a day when they are not registered in Kids Time, they will pay the full daily rate for 1 day/month as long as there are openings.

Are the Leaf teachers certified in the same way as Kid’s Time?
The short answer is no. However, they are highly trained and experienced working with School Age Children. It is the philosophy of our programs to hire well qualified staff with experience developing, creating, and leading a variety of programs for School Age Children. In addition, we highly encourage and sup-port staff in their professional growth and development through various trainings enhancing their skills and abilities in this profession. Staff in non-licensed childcare programs are not held to the same standards of required STARS training. Again, we en-courage and support all staff in this arena.

Is Leaf more structured than Kid’s Time?
LEAF programs are structured very similarly to the Kids Time model. Each day includes time for homework help, free play, snack, indoor and outdoor activities as well as program enhancements taught by seasoned instructors.

Why should I pick Leaf vs. Kid’s Time?
It depends entirely on the needs of your family. Both programs provide opportunities for learning, engagement, and fun. How-ever, LEAF offers the program enhancement of a “specialist” instructor during the program. LEAF is shorter in duration ending at 5:30pm daily while Kids Time ends at 6:00pm.

How many Kids are in Leaf? Can it grow?
LEAF currently has the capacity for 20 children daily. De-pending on the facility availability and the ability to acquire additional space in the school, the program has the potential to grow and expand as the needs for additional programming rise.

Why are there two after school programs?
The Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center, Thornton Creek Site Council, and the School Administration realize the need for additional afterschool activities due to the population growth of the school community and the amount of families waitlisted for Kids Time. In an effort to expand capacity and provide families with more flexibility in afterschool programs, we opted to provide LEAF as another alternative to DSHS certified care.

Can I sign up for just one day a week at Leaf (as op-posed to Kid’s Time which requires a min of 3 days a week)?
Absolutely! That is an added benefit to the LEAF program and provides support where DSHS Certified care is not able to do with our standardized childcare programs.

How the heck does this pricing thing work?  How much will I be paying per month?
LEAF programs are offered at a daily rate for the month.  For example, if you signed up for Monday and Thursday the cost would be $90.00/month (2 days x $45.00/day/month).  If you were to sign up for all 5 days, you monthly fee for LEAF would be $225.00/month (5 days x 45.00/day/month = $225.00/month). 

Do they cost the same (Leaf and Kid’s time)?
The programs do cost the same. Well, almost. LEAF is only very, very, very slightly cheaper. About $3.00 a day based on the total hours of program or care.

What do I do if I need my child in program until 6:00pm?
When we originally offered the opportunity for Extended Play, we considered this to be for emergency use rather than daily use.  In an effort to meet the needs of those families needing the extra time on a regular basis, we have now added a Full Quarter Extended play Card.  The cost of the card is $45.00/month or $180 for the entire quarter.  This equals to 33.5 hours of extended time with LEAF.  ($5.00/30 minutes.)  The full time cost of LEAF (M-F) with the Extended Play Option would be $270/month.  ($225.00 M-F plus $45 extended play = $270). 

What about those early release days and professional development days?  Will LEAF be offered on those days?
In the planning of LEAF, we originally were not going to offer LEAF on early release days or on professional development days.  As we got feedback from parents, it was clear that we needed to offer LEAF on those days.  We will now offer LEAF on early release days at no additional fee!  Professional Development Days provide us the opportunity to offer a “one day specialty camp” for $50.00. 

Am I hearing rumors about a Garden Project at Thornton Creek or I am just wishing I heard rumors of a Garden Project?
You are hearing rumors and they are TRUE!  LEAF staff will be working with the Thornton Creek School Community to begin developing a community garden in Mid-October.  More to come on that little project! 

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